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The Challenge


Identify online problems and scenarios in today's world that you are passionate about; ones that would be greatly improved by better privacy and security.


Develop solutions that prioritize End-to-End Encryption, so only people/entities involved in the information exchange have access to the data, and there is no snooping, surveillance, or data storage of any sort without the data owner's consent.


End-to-End Encrypted Everything(E2E3) to the rescue!


Solution should have: 

  • End-to-End Encryption enabled by default

  • Interoperability across platforms

  • Clean, intuitive interface and app experience

  • Usability and fun should not be compromised for the sake of privacy and encryption




Digital Commerce Challenge :Beckn for digital commerce is what HTTP is for the World Wide Web and SMTP is for emails. It is a common way that allows basic interoperability of the commerce interactions on a digital medium. Plainly speaking and at the risk of oversimplification, Beckn protocol allows a computer to “understand and speak'' commerce like ‘select an item from menu’, ‘place an order’ with a another computer anywhere on the internet by exchanging open, standardised, machine-readable information. Beckn specifically caters to location-aware local commerce businesses that are small and severally available within a region like a city. Examples of such business include mobility, final mile delivery, restaurants, hotels and healthcare.

We would like for you to dream up ideas, concepts and solutions that will make a positive impact in the world of Digital Commerce. Ideas that break barriers, Ideas that we assumed could be only a pipedream.

Think of ways in which you can integrate the power of beckn and the @platform and break barriers. The world is your oyster!

IoT Track Challenge ZARIOT is a cellular IoT connectivity provider, but one firmly focused on security. We strongly believe that successful IoT deployments must be built on secure foundations and that can only happen when both the connectivity and its security are fully assured. By establishing that environment for our customers, we can remove overhead allowing them to concentrate on innovation.

ZARIOT can create a tamper proof “root of trust” on the IoT device by storing the @Company keys on the eSIM*.

By sponsoring The @ Company's hack-a-thon we are looking for the participants to design an app that addresses security end to end across the IoT ecosystem. The app will use the  @platform to ensure dual authentication between the device and the application controlling the device.

This can be any “device” or “thing” which may, or may not have a user interface. It will connect via the mobile infrastructure to an application environment that utilizes the collected data, or IoT connectivity in some other way. 

Zariot Challenge

Cellular devices register to the network using various signalling procedures, the details of which are dependent on the mobile generation of the network involved. This process is outside the remit of the hack-a-thon.

Once registered to the network, the Cellular IoT device can send and receive data both out-of-band (signalling plane) and in-band (user plane). However, for simplicity, the hack-a-thon will assume that data is sent over the user plane. This data can be exchanged securely using a session established using the @Company protocol with the crypto-keys residing on the highly secure SIM acting as the “root of trust”, and accessed via a common API from the IoT device.  


E2E3 Zariot

Due to the timescales and logistics required to provide an eSIM and potential complexity of a prototype device, participants of the hack-a-thon can assume API access to the keys are available. However, if addressing a solution on a particular type of IoT device, the participant should consider the hardware limitations to processing that may be present. 

Participants can assume that all bandwidth (inc. low power options NB-IoT, LTE-M, 5G), network coverage and scalability needs are available but should consider data transmission overheads if low power usage and battery life would be a consideration.   


About Us


At The @ Company (The At Company) we are technologists, creators, and builders with one thing in common: We love the Internet. We’ve committed ourselves to the creation of a more human Internet where privacy is a fundamental right, everyone owns their own data, and it is possible to do everything on the internet with true End-to-End Encryption made possible by the free and fully open-source @platform built on Dart and Flutter.

ZARIOT was founded with the mission to restore order to what is becoming connected chaos in IoT by bringing unrivalled security, control and quality of service. ZARIOT offers secure cellular connectivity globally for IoT and M2M devices, with signalling, IP, and Zero Trust security solutions for enterprises. An experienced team of engineers bring the knowledge and expertise of over 15 years of innovation in telecom security to IoT sectors such as medical, automotive, and smart metering. ZARIOT provides a fully protected IoT solution and enables enterprises to adapt to and grow with changing needs, demands and threats, all while operating securely.  

beckn is an open protocol that enables local commerce across industries to be discovered and engaged by any beckn-enabled application. beckn, while being a minimal open source protocol specification, acts as a force multiplier for end-beneficiaries - customers, application developers, governments, and businesses by creating an interoperable open playground to unlock value and innovation


Mentors for the @Hack

Colin Constable

Chief Technology Officer

The @ Company

Kevin Nickels

Chief Product Officer

The @ Company

Dean Rea

Executive & Board Advisor

Arrowhead Consulting

Chris Swan



The @ Company




The pitch should include the following:

  • Problem statement

  • Solution overview

  • Working demo/UX design walkthrough

  • Explanation of how your solution is different, and how E2E Encryption is integrated into your project

  • Any ROI/metrics


Mandatory : Pick 2 FREE or paid @signs from and enter them as part of a submission - these will be your tickets for the submission.

Hackathon Sponsors


$5,250 in prizes

Grand Prize

This prize also includes a 10-week mentorship with The @ Company to pursue the solution further and learn from industry thought leaders and tech luminaries.

Runner-Up (2)

This prize also includes a 10-week mentorship with The @ Company to pursue the solution further and learn from industry thought leaders and tech luminaries.

Best End-to-End Encrypted Solution

This prize also includes a 6-week mentorship with The @ Company to pursue the solution further and learn from industry thought leaders and tech luminaries.

Best use of the @platform

This prize also includes a 6-week mentorship with The @ Company to pursue the solution further and learn from industry thought leaders and tech luminaries.

Winner - IoT Challenge (Sponsored by ZARIOT)

Runner-Up - IoT Challenge (Sponsored by ZARIOT)

Third Place- IoT Challenge (Sponsored by ZARIOT)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Gen Ashley

Gen Ashley
Founder - TECHKNOWDay | Lead Google WomenTechMakers (

Randy J. Fortier

Randy J. Fortier
Associate Teaching Professor, Faculty of Science University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Simon Lightfoot

Simon Lightfoot
CTO - Devangels London and Flutter Community Leader

Sujith Nair

Sujith Nair
CEO & Co-founder - Beckn (

John O'Connell

John O'Connell
Head of Software Development at Expleo Group

Corey Voo

Corey Voo
General Partner : 01 Ventures

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    In the idea and use of technology components
  • UI/X sophistication
    Simple, clean and intuitive UX
  • IP differentiation
    Standout features that differentiate your solution from other existing solutions
  • Focus on True End-to-End Encryption
    Attention to detail in achieving E2E Encryption across the solution
  • Use of the @platform
    Use of @plaform and the different components of the SDK in the app

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